And the Winner Is……….

Lindsey Films Part of the Winning Team!

Every second counts when you have 48 Hours to make a film! Twenty-six teams took the challenge to write, cast, shoot, edit, score and deliver a short film within 48 hours at Jacksonville’s first 48 Hour Film Competition. Teams were given the specifics at a kick off event at 7PM on Friday, August 3 with the drop off deadline at 7:30 PM on Sunday, August 5.

This year’s “Best of Jacksonville 2007” AND 6 other awards went to team “Psycho Film Binge” for the film “Easter Bunny Super Hero.” Lindsey Films is proud to be a member of the winning team. We will now compete with the other 52 cities that participated this year at the national finals, with the potential of being named “The Best 48 Hour Film of 2007.” The winning film at the national level will be shown at well known film festivals like Cannes and Filmapalooza.

Pepper Lindsey served as production consultant for the group, while Kent Lindsey took the on camera role as “The Head” of the Superhero Commission. Kirby Hamilton served as director of photography.

In addition to the “Best of Jacksonville,” “Psycho Film Binge” was awarded the following awards – more than any other team competing in this year’s project: Best Use of Character, Best Costume – Suzy Freeman, Best Cinematography – Kirby Hamilton, Best Screenplay – Sharon Y. Cobb, Best Acting (Ensemble) – Bobby Parker, Kent Lindsey, Karen Garrett, Calder Corey, Rick Spruiell, Amanda Ayers, Biff Kessel, Jason Luque, Aaron Johnson, Hannah Williams.