Boselli Blitz is ON!

And Jaxon DeVille is afraid……very, very afraid!

Moore and Scary Advertising contacted Lindsey Films to produce spots for their client, Coggin Automotive Group. The spots featured Tony Boselli, Jaxon DeVille and Brian Sexton and were shot by Kirby Hamilton at the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

In the spots conceived and written by Moore and Scary, an unsuspecting DeVille is blitz tackled by Boselli, who says, “Bet you didn’t see that one coming!” This made for some tense moments behind the scenes. “He’s been wanting to tackle me ever since we first met,” said DeVille, awaiting to shoot the scene. The 5 time pro-bowl tackle took down DeVille repeatedly, explaining that he just wanted to “make sure the shots were good.” Sexton served as on camera announcer.

“There was a lot of good hearted teasing going on,” said producer Pepper Lindsey. “The funny thing is that Jaxon is padded and Boselli was not wearing any pads. So, if you want to know the truth, I think Boselli was more nervous about the tackle than Jaxon.” Sexton, Boselli and DeVille left the field on their own power, and without a bruise.

Moore and Scary is also working with Lindsey Films to produce monthly spots for Coggin Toyota featuring former TV 12 WTLV news anchor, Charlene Shirk.