Lindsey Films Producers Film Screening at the Jacksonville Film Festival!

Screening at the Jacksonville Film Festival!

The Last Audit
Showtimes: May 16, 11:30PM, and
May 18, 10:00 PM

After Dark
Short Film Series

Fuel – 5Points

Logline: What do you do when you get the IRS tax auditor from hell? See how far a couple will go to save their business from being taken by an evil auditor. But did they take it too far? Take a flying leap!

10-minute dramatic comedy produced by Short Film Machine, A partnership of Mad Gator Films, Kirby Hamilton and Company, Inc.
and Lindsey Films

“What started out as an episodic vehicle for advertisers to sponsor short film content has turned into a 10 minute short film,” said Pepper Lindsey, producer. “We had the opportunity to be a part of the Film Festival, and we jumped at the chance. After the festival, we are still moving forward with using The Last Audit as interactive advertising in the digital medium. It will be fun turning it back into the episodic program, with cliff hangers and sponsorship opportunities.

Produced by Sharon Y. Cobb Kirby Hamilton Kent Lindsey Pepper Lindsey

Directed by
Kirby Hamilton

Written by
Sharon Y. Cobb

Music composed and performed by
Shawn K. Clement

Edited by
Colin Williams