Where’s the Beef? Just ask Pepper!

No more searching for the finest Angus Beef in Florida – you can find it at Sweetbay!

Pepper Lindsey was retained by the Robin Shepherd Group to serve as agency producer for their recent campaign for Sweetbay Supermarkets. The campaign focused on Sweetbay’s Black Angus meat department – Genuine Black Angus is the only beef sold by Sweetbay and at prices you’d expect to pay for standard USDA Choice meat.

Sweetbay, you ask? Sweetbay is a chain of supermarkets located entirely in Florida. As of June 2007, there were 101 Sweetbay stores. January 2004, Kash n’ Karry announced the creation and roll out of a new supermarket concept called Sweetbay Supermarket in its core markets on the West Coast of Florida. By September 2007 all Kash n’ Karry stores were redesigned as Sweetbay Supermarket. The first of the new Sweetbay Supermarkets opened in Seminole, Florida on November 6, 2004 and in Fort Myers in December 2004.

The spots were conceived by the Robin Shepherd Group and were shot on 35mm film by Curtis Graham of GreyHouse Films (Check out Curtis’s work in our “Reel” section). Based on the “Legend of Angus,” the spots feature a 1898 State Fair atmosphere, with period cowboys who just can’t seem to get enough of the beef’s great taste. Modern day hero food footage was shot by Graham in Tampa.

The footage was processed and transferred at CineWorks in Miami. Post production was provided by Dale Dickinson of Jacksonville’s newest post production facility, Thre-3.